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How can I become a Cash Net customer?
  All you need to do to subscribe in Cash Net is to have a corporate account in QNB ALAHLI and to visit one of our branches in order to sign the contract for this service. Then, you will be contacted by the branch to receive the digipass for connection.
What are the technical requirements needed to access Cash Net service?
  The only requirements needed are a computer connected to the internet and an Internet Explorer version which can support a 128 bits encryption. Then, you can connect to the application through CM.QNBALAHLI.com by using your username and password.
Do I have to access Cash Net only through a specific computer?

You can access this service from any computer connected to the internet.



Who should I call in case I face problems in accessing or using Cash Net?
  There is a customer support center dedicated to Cash Net clients where our specialists will be glad to answer all your questions or help you to solve any problem related to the service. You can reach them by dialing 19700 or sending an e.mail to Cash.NET@qnbalahli.com from Sunday to Thursday between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
What type of accounts can I view on Cash Net?
  You can view all your accounts in all currencies as predefined in the contract.
What should I do if I want to add or remove an account from Cash Net application?
  Please go to the branch where you signed the contract and your relationship officer will be at your disposal.
Is there a maximum number of users per contract?
  No, there is no maximum number of users. It is your decision how many users you would like to give access to.
Can I give a user the right to access a certain account?
  Yes, you can define the access and authority of each user but it has to be predefined in Cash Net contract.
Can I make transactions at night or during weekends?
  Yes you can as Cash Net is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, the transactions will be processed by our system in the next banking working day.
Can I order foreign currency transfers to other banks in Egypt or abroad?
  You can order transfers to any beneficiary, in Egypt or abroad, provided that they follow the banking and foreign exchange regulations .
What are the exchange rates applied for foreign currency transfers?
  The exchange rates are fixed by our Dealing Room according to the daily market fluctuations and following the best FX practices
Can I create transfer templates?
  Cash Net allows you to create templates for both local and foreign currency transfers, thus, saving your time when you need the same information for repetitive use.
Are there daily transaction limits in terms of number or value?
  No, you can order as many transactions as you wish provided that they are within the limit predefined in the contract. 
What is the maximum number of beneficiaries I can define on Cash Net?
  No limitation on the number of beneficiaries unless it is otherwise defined by the Bank..
What is the difference between shared and specific beneficiaries?
  The shared beneficiaries can be viewed by all users defined on the contract, whilst the specific beneficiaries are visible only to the users who defined them.
What do I have to do in case I want to cancel Cash Net contract?
  Simply go to your branch and ask for its cancellation.
How safe is Cash Net?
  Security & confidentiality of your accounts is QNB ALAHLI's constant preoccupation. Hence, Cash Net is using a 128 bits encryption which is one of the most advanced technologies available for securing online transactions. Encryption is a process that transforms the confidential information in an unreadable line of characters, before it is sent via internet, ensuring in the same time a safe confidential data transmission channel between the bank’s system and your internet browser.
What do I have to do in case I lose my digipass or it gets stolen?
  You should inform the bank immediately to block the digipass, and then you can go to your branch to request a new one.